Monday, September 30, 2013

Kickstarter: October 2013 edition

Okay, I know I'm cheating a little as there's one more day in the month and anything could show up tomorrow.

As usual, the chart only includes things that are late.

Tectonic Craft Studios is one I'm probably going to have to get the stuff from the guy at a convention like another backer did.

Dwimmermount continues to drag its ass and sadly seems to have inflicted mental trauma to the guy who had things going for a while. It seemed things might be ready for Gen Con but lately he's been yelping about it taking till next April or possibly sooner.

Steampunk Musha has had several set backs. Main problem continues to be the poor manner in which things are communicated. I backed at a level that was supposed to have several stretch goal goods and well, let's be real about that eh? What's worse is I know there are people who backed at a much higher level.

28mm Demons & Devils I've seen at Gen Con and I'm supposed to be on the next mailing list so I don't feel too worried about that one.

Imbrian Arts Miniatures have been seen in the wild but I'm down for the year of metal or whatever we're getting instead of Troll Cast.

Assimilation Alien Host. When I talk about Dwimmermount, Steampkunk Musha, and Assimilation Alien Host, there are ones where I think a spreadsheet discussing the various real world heal issues that can derail your campaign, especially if you're a one man operation, can come into play. Imbrian above saw the writing on the wall here and bailed and went with metal. And hey... late here means something else later.

Relic Knights is going to come out in November or I'm going to have an nice refund in November. The style has changed quite a bit into more T&A but thankfully a lot of the figures I wanted didn't need that route anyway so I'm fairly insulated from it.

Cthulh Mythos Foundry Style.... hey, remember when I talked about Assimliation, the kickstarter by Ed being late? Yeah, Ed's part of why this one is late. Only part mind you. It's not like the guy has shipped out the resin models yet. If he starts doing so, I may bite the bullet and just upgrade my pledge.

Drake the Dragon Game. Me'h? Not that late but despite how interesting some of it looks I just don't care anymore. It has nothing to do with the game. It gets back to what I've mentioned a few times. You may not be the same person in mind frame or thought process by the time the item you've backed gets to you.

Red Box Games 2. Wow. I can't believe this is late. No, seriously. He spoke up that he had three casters for the already existing models and we should get them rapidly. Basically he's dropped two of the casters and the one reliable one is very busy but just ask him and he'll tell you that despite the fact it doesn't look like he knows what he's doing, he knows what he's doing and this one will not be as late as the previous one. Seriously! for reals man!

Torchbearer, an old school style game came in the mail today. I also received my gnomes from Stonehaven miniatures. I'd back both of those creators again. Pretty much everyone else? No. Sedition Wars second wave came in and m'eh. Took my whole lot and threw it in storage. Did the same with my Mantic stuff. It wasn't necessarily terrible but it was far from what it should have been.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to Bones 2. While Reaper didn't do things perfectly and I honestly don't see them doing more metal in any meaningful way, the price point on the bones is fantastic and they are good for a lot of different niches that need filling. I passed up several kick starters waiting for this one.

How's everyone else's list of things going?

Project Name Due Date Date Late Days Late Months
Tectonic Craft Studios 6/1/2012 10/1/2013 -487 -16
Dwimmermount 8/1/2012 10/1/2013 -426 -14
Steampunk Musha 10/1/2012 10/1/2013 -365 -12
28mm Demons & Devils 3/1/2013 10/1/2013 -214 -7
Imbrian Arts Miniatures 3/1/2013 10/1/2013 -214 -7
Assimilation Alien Host 5/1/2013 10/1/2013 -153 -5
Relic Knights 5/1/2013 10/1/2013 -153 -5
Cthulhu Mythos Foundy Style 7/1/2013 10/1/2013 -92 -3
Drake The Dragon Wargame 7/1/2013 10/1/2013 -92 -3
Red box Games 2 8/1/2013 10/1/2013 -61 -2

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