Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spartacus: Top Five Reasons To Play Gladiators

Watching Spartacus, there are a lot of gladiators. There are a lot of tales told about specific gladiators before one even sets foot in the arena.

There are gladiators who are visually designed to appeal to both the crowd and in a meta sense, the viewers. 

For gaming, gladiators can be broken down into a few different venues.

1. Colorful Names: The Undefeated Gaul! The Shadow of Death! Gladiators are colorful champions and they have names that reflect that need. These names can be a combination of homeland and status or a fearsome name designed to strike fear into enemies. Spartacus own name isn't his name mind you but it is the name of an ancient Thracian king.

2. Variety of Characters: The show includes a wide range of characters from different ethnic backgrounds. These include almost anyone of the ancient world ranging from Gaul, Roman, Thracian, Assyrian, and others. This melting pot of different characters allows players to select from a wide variety of racial origins without having to over think "Why on earth is this dragon born here?"

3. Variety of Weapons and Fighting Styles: Spartacus and the former "God of the Arena" are both masters of the two sword fighting style. Others are masters of spear and shield or trident and net. An arena is the perfect place to have characters wield those odd weapons that might not make sense in a more conventional setting.

4. Variety of Enemies: The types of foes that gladiators encounter ranges from other gladiators to captured beasts. In a fantasy setting, this can be changed up dramatically with constructs built specifically to battle the gladiators or to train them. It can include summoned creatures brought forth to test the gladiator's mettle. It may also include the odd wanderer who fancies himself an unstoppable swordsman who needs a little money and so signs up for an encounter.

5. Patrons: By having characters fight in an arena, chances are they may have patrons that sponsor their fights are award them when they win. This provides the Game Master with a quick "In" as to why the players are fighting. Patrons with ambitions that go beyond gladiator arenas may have other odd jobs for their skilled men at arms and may have them act as bodyguards, fight in underground arenas or even act as thug and assassin when needed.