Saturday, March 28, 2015

Venus In Copper by Lindsey Davis

Venus in Copper is the third novel by Lindsey Davis in the Marcus Didius Falco detective novels in ancient Rome.

Lindsey continues to have a skilled hand in multiple fields that makes reading her novels about Falco worth while.

1. Funny. Lindsey has a light touch in her sense of humor, but it is persistent and shows up in much without overpowering things.

2. First Person: Her use of Falco in the first person to share his world view with the reader goes beyond the humor as Falco, despite some skill in various fields, is not a Spartan warrior. Is not a rich Senator. Is not much of anything except determined and understanding of his own limitations. He is enough of a rogue, of a scoundrel, that he never quite fits in exactly, but friendly enough, honest enough, hard working enough, that the reader wants him to win. 

3. Descriptive: Lindsey could drown the reader in the world of Ancient Rome. Her talents allow her to pick almost any point of entry and ram home the important parts like a master carpenter driving home nails. When she's describing what the new found rich are wearing? When she's describing what the vendors are selling from their stalls? When she's providing details on the objects to be found for sale in the warehouse district? All written with a flare for providing the details needed for the reader to understand what's going on and to paint their own mental picture of how it all works around them.

4. Continuation: One of the things I enjoy about a continuing series, is seeing how the characters change, evolve, grow, and react to the events that happen to them. Lindsey's  touch with Falco and romantic partner, Helena, is one that makes me want to see what happens not only to the mystery, but to the characters.

If you're looking for a well written novel Venus in Cooper is overflowing with description, character, and humorous happenings. Well worth the reading.