Monday, March 9, 2015

Rivers Run Red Finale!

So when last I left off, the party had lost one member to a fey creature. Another had been cursed and another suffered from a magical trap.

This required magic of a higher level than they had so they went to the city! In this instance, Restov. There they meet with the mayor, hunted down some magic items, sold some of their current ones for cash, had a few social encounters as the mayor held a celebration to welcome the heroes of 'Murkwell', the name of their nation, and they meet a few people.

Now they also owe three quests in exchange for the magical services rendered. Ha! I can throw those in somewhere I'm sure.

They also burned through the last encounters of the adventure. Several of these were role playing in nature ranging from dealing with more fey, at least this time not assassin or poison using, to dealing with the enraged owlbear that attacked their town while they were hex exploring.

For the owlbear, I was super lazy. I just used a fire giant's stats and lowered the CR by 1 as I didn't give it a bite nor allow it to be immune to fire. Seemed to work out okay. Terrible damage, hits you easily, has a bucket load of hit points and little else.

But man, the party is sure tired of owlbears.

Bad new? they have a lot of Kingdom building to do. They did roughly five months.

The next adventure, The Varnhold Vanishing, assumes another one to two years of building.

And one of my friends is getting ready to run.


He's a new dad. He's in school. He's getting out for a semester and is dying to try Numenera.He claims that it's easy to run, he loves the setting and art, and he's only got a limited window of opportunity to run it because once school starts back up, he'll probably be out of gaming for a while as he's got help on the child situation with grandparents, but they're only visiting for now too.

Hey, someone else wants to run? Can you say awesome? I don't mind running but I'm kind of flat on 5e. I'm too used to the rich resources that Pathfinder and 3.5 have and I keep wondering where the hell the new Monster Manual is.

On the other hand, I ain't buying Numenera. It's not an inexpensive book. He's only going to run it for a few months. I suspect I'll be getting there early and reading up on it or hoping for another Bundle of Holding or something.

Part of this is because another of my friends is talking about Dresend Files and the same guy is talking about the Fantasy Flight games like Deathwatch while another is running oWoD when I can't make it to run. That's a lot of money for games I'll probably never play on a regular basis.

I get that if you're playing a game long term, $50 bones isn't that much of an investment. That's like a ticket to a concert or 20 (or less!) drinks at Star Bucks. But I also paint miniatures which require a TON of things if you like experiementing like I do ranging from different paint from different companies, to different accessories like glaze medium, matt medium, brushes, pigments, etc...

So I'm curious to see how Numenera works out and will enjoy my break from running.

To be honest, I'm kind of surprised the group managed to make it through books one and two and even the starting adventure from the boxed set.

What's everyone else doing now? Still playing 5th edition? Waiting on Exalted 3rd edition? Sticking with the OSR?