Saturday, August 1, 2015

Amazon Wants all The Monies

So I'm checking my e-mail this morning and Amazon is doing another one of their big game sales.

It has board games, card games, and RPGs on sale.

I have quite a bit of it already, but I did make a few purchases.

Star Fluxx

For $7.99 you can't go wrong. Fluxx is a silly fast moving game and I've played several editions. I hope one day they do a really high end art style fantasy version with things like "Barbarian King", "Black Sword", "Pale Prince", etc...


One of my friends had a game night and we played this one numerous times. It's a fast moving bluff card game and it's got some great art. Looking forward to getting this one for $8.99.

Anyone play any of the supplements and sequels? They look interesting.

Timeline Historical Events Card Game

Another one for $8.99

I have two of these already. Each set focuses on a specific thing. Discoveries is one I have. You have to arrange items on a timeline using your cards as to where you think it took place. When you first start, it's really easy but as more cards get laid down, unless you have a vast store of historical dates in your head, it gets a little more challenging. Fun stuff.

The good news is that all of these should be family friendly. No hard core multi-tier games that need hours of study. Get the family into gaming!