Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red

Despite the fact that there are now some odd four players who own the Ultimate Campaign expansion book from Paizo, and assurances after assurances that they would 'blue book' the king building experience so that they could continue onto the 'adventure proper', such an event did not occur.

Rather the first hour or so of game time was taken up with the claiming of hexes and preparation of farm land for the new kingdom. It went fairly smooth but the players who weren't interest in that aspect of the game were less than enthused.

The players then decided to clear out a nearby barrow mound and killed what used to be a wight, that I subbed for a wraith.  The sword they got though was a nice +2 fey bane. I quickly ruled that it required the use attune it and and did an extra 2d6 versus fey creatures.

They also managed to hunt down the hodag, a monster that I gave a fairly high armor class and lots of attacks, but no real 'quirks' to it. Almost like a little juggernaut but I have a full five man outfit here so they made short work of the creature.

Then the party went off to explore some old elf ruins currently inhabited by... you guessed it, evil fey. Due to some inter party conflict between how the players do things, the party wound up almost being apologetic to the 'Dancing Lady", the local evil fey that had unofficial servants that tended to kill annoying adventurers.

With the fey bane sword, the party made quick work of those servants but... One of the players has that lustful disadvantage and made the moves on the lady while the rest of the party left. She did her dance and charmed him. Being alone with a blood drinking fey was not good for said character but the party did manage to overcome the creature in the end although this particular fey grants a 'dying' curse.

The party then went to a larger city as their own didn't have a higher enough level priest, to get a few things fixed and removed. So now the party has agreed to a few quests for this NPC. I may just use that as the launching point for the next adventure as it's a quick plug into the "why does the party care about this other area".

I'm also thinking that while the party is out of their region I'm going to have a group of NPCs tackle the lizard men. The lizard men are relatively low level fodder for the party at this time unless I do a lot of conversions and well, I am a lazy bastard. It'll help to get things ready for book 3 of the 6 part series and free up the party to do some more exploring. Think I'll grab the old Paizo group directly from the NPC Guide as they are a group of wandering adventurers.

Anyone have any good resources on converting monsters from 3rd edition to 5th? The 5th edition Dungeon Master's Guide has a good section on making monsters but if there's a quicker way, I'm all ears.