Thursday, January 23, 2014

Attack of the Ghost Ship With Cannibal Rats!

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.

A ship that underwent a lot of failure prior to being launched out to sea to die.

A ship that is host to rats that cannibalize each other.

A ship falling apart into the ocean but still in one piece.

A ship that may hit a major land mass and disgorge its contents upon the unsuspecting populace!

While the real life version will be annoying as hell I'm sure, I'm also sure that if they know it's going to hit land that they'll do a lot of clean up.

But that could very well be the whole setup for a movie like say "Alien" where the crew is sent in for a standard clean up and it turns out to be much worse than people initially though.

In fantasy or science fiction campaigns, the amount of things that could be on such a 'dead' or ghost ship is almost limitless. The thing here though, is that unlike say Space Hulk, here the object is threatening to crash into an inhabited area. Imagine a Death Watch setting where for whatever reason, a Space Hulk manages to actually crash into an inhabited area? Yeah, little bit different scenario.

Ah reality, never stop ceasing to amaze us!