Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Thus Dieth Legend of the Five RIngs

One of the things I've tried to do more in 2014 is play more.

My friends at the end of 2013 had just seen the movie 47 Ronin and loved the visuals, sound, action, and other bits.

This lead them to play Legend of the Five Rings.

I got in one game as a Scorpion Samurai and was promptly killed, but life is hard in the Empire so I took it in stride. In honor or a recently deceased director of the kung fu genre, I made my next character a Dragon Monk and was anxious to play again.

Then the weather turned against me after driving my mom all around the city so I didn't go that week.

Then my sister was in town and...

And then we had some more crappy weather in Chicago...

So long story short, I've missed three games and during that time +Tom Wright , the GM of the game decided that the awesome bits of 47 Ronin weren't translating well to the game.

Thankfully I only have the electronic version of Legend of the Five Rings as if I'd purchased the physical copy specifically for the game I'd be a little peeved. It's an expensive book after all and space at the old apartment is still at a premium.

Now they're going with a combo New World of Darkness bit. Sigh.

The perils of modern gaming.