Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go Big or Go Home

Berserk 20 is the image of previous events, the great eclipse from the old volumes 12-14 happening again in a similiar manner.
This means bad things for a lot of people but it does it in a big way.
For example, Guts normally has to fight one apostale at a time. But during that original configuration that wasn't true and here, it's also not true. Lots of big bads coming from left and right.
The tower itself falls pray to the "current of causality" as it crumbles due to internal battles and external forces and comes to resemble the God Hand's initial launching point of a huge five fingered hand.
The people who sought shelter within? Fodded for the maddness about.
And Guts? The hero strives on, as he did previously, but once again, seemingly helpless to prevent the sacrifice.
Here we see huge things happening in the scope of the series. An ancient tower falling, a whole city worth of people devoured by darkness, and the plot line for future stories that won't start taking place till say... volume 33 and up, coming to fruition.
When the players are of a high level, make the scope of the game larger and make their actions have direct impact on it.