Friday, December 4, 2009

And That's Why The Players Are the Heroes

Berserk 21 brings Guts more conflict with a wide array of foes and a resurrection of the one who tried to sacrifice him.
But more importantly than that, Guts has a few scenes where he's showcasing some important differences between those that do and those that wish. Between those that take that action and initative, and those that want others to take that action.
"All they do is pray. Every last one of them. When the fire's under their own ass all any of them do is bow down. Tens of thousands of people shouldn't cling to just one woman."
Kentaro writes.. He stands without retreating in the midsts of this overwhelming nightmare. The one and only thing that is certain.
These two bits illustrate one of the things I've tried to mention about how players might be preceived. They're the ones that do things. While they don't control the world, while they have nemesis and enemies and allies, it is the player's actions which should stand out to the players.
The scenarios and situations that the Game Master designs should be based around the actions of the players. If the players are asking why the NPC isn't doing it, why are they asking? Is the NPC so obviously capable? Is the mission so far beneath them? Try to build bits out of what the characters have done and the players won't have to worry about getting jobs from patrons in low key taverns but will instead be seeking out NPCs in order to further their own goals.