Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lost Mines: Finished!

And with yesterday's game, the party cleared out the mine itself.

It was almost like someone had the cheat code. They went almost straight to the room with the two unique magic items and then straight to the big bad of the level.

There were six of them and they were a level higher and they are a few well built characters. The druid in particular. His animal summoning ability coupled with most monsters having a lower AC in this edition then in previous editions, makes him a right deadly bastard.

They stomped the crap out of the spectator and the 'black spider'.

The biggest challenge they had was the stirges in one of the early rooms. The ability to automatically inflict damage is a nice one.

Next week? Group spoke and said that they were interested in some actual dungeon crawling instead of more wilderness exploration so the map they found in the mine is going to lead them to the Emerald Spire. I might have them stop in at Thornkeep along the way, maybe meet some raiders or some other vicious random encounters as I have a few of them lined up.

Running the Lost Mine of Phandelver wasn't my best time as a GM. I'm way out of practice for one. For another I'm not as familiar with the 5th edition rules as I should be. I'm actually stumbling more over 3.5 versions of the rules, because I've played Pathfinder, than I am 4th edition of the rules.

Having said that, the adventure is solid. I think between this and the two hardcovers, this is the better value for the money. You get dice, the adventure, the box  itself, some starter rules, and the adventure should hold you over for several sessions.

Anyone else finish off Lost Mine? How did you pick up afterwards? Homebrew stuff? Older edition material? Something in between?