Monday, March 17, 2014

Amazon's Kindle books does another up to 85% off

Touchstone (Glass Thorns) by Melanie Rawn : I don't remember too much of Melanie Rawn but recognized the name. Solid cover.

Spider Man: Spider Island: Ah, more work from Dan Slott. Good stuff and a decent collection for $3.99.

The Death of Captain America, Vol. 1: The Death of the Dream  This was a fantastic arc. I have it and the other parts in the big ass omnibus edition. $3.99

Captain America Reborn: This is part of the same series by Ed Brubaker. Again, I have the omnibus collection. A solid part of the Marvel comic setting.

Anyone have any recommendations based on what else is out there? There were a few Thor collections but the reviews were... unkind to say the least.

Outside of reading comics, Shazam Volume One, which was on sale, was very good. A nice change with a lot of nods to the old comics. There are still others I'm catching up on including some Avatar the Last Airbender from Dark Horse that was on sale last weekend.

I've also been reading Parsantium, a Pathfinder based RPG. It's got a nice simple layout and is a beefy size and reads well. Needs a lot more art though.

What's everyone else up to?