Friday, January 18, 2013

Ichor Greenblood the Vampire King: 2nd Edition Deity

As I've grown older, I've come to hate the names that are descriptive like Stoneheart, Anvil Fist, or other things that look like they belong in a super hero setting. However, when I was a young teen, I thought this was awesome!

I can't remember the full details but the deity was based on part on a character I played that used the Compleate Spellcaster by Bard Games and was... yes, a Necromancer! The summoning spells back in those days eh? Of course most of them weren't useful immediately but they could be given the proper time, funds, and methods.

Anyway, another one from the continuous sheet feed paper.

Ichor Greenblood the Vampire King
Lord of the Undead
Lesser God

Ichor Greenblood has only recently become a god. His base of power is the location where the negative energy flowing from the Dark Domains and the World of Atroy are strongest, Draxcon's Ruins. As for Ichor himself, many say that he actually thrives on the power of his worshippers which include all the undead, and mortals thirsting for the power of the undead.

Ichor, unlike many gods, actively involves himself in the affairs of the mortals seeing hyow powerful they have gornw of late. He insures that none can ever effect him in his place of power and has been known to actively attack mortal wizard's whose power and pride have grown too great.

If there is one known thing that Ichor fears, it is having Karak released. If that ever happened, Ichor would loss much of his power, perhaps even his godhood. The location of Karak is so well kept that many simply think the former lord of the Dark Domain is dead.

Alignment: Ichor Greenblood himself is Chaotic Evil. His priests are usually chaotic evil with the lawful evil leading while the rest are neutral evil.

Requirements: Wis 9
Symbol: A black hand clutching the moon.
Colors: Dark green and black.
Special Abilities: 1) May command undead at two levels higher 2)+1 to save vs death magic for every five levels of the priest 5)May chose spells from the magic users school of necromancy as full strength spheres.

Spheres: Major spheres, Combat, Healing (Reversible only unless the priest uses it to heal himself), Necromantic and Summoning. Minor spheres Elemental and Protection.

Weapon Proficiencies: Must take greatmace. Afterward may spend proficiencies as the priest sees fit.

Non Weapon Proficiencies: Religion and Blind Fighting.

Recommended: Armorer, Weaponsmothing, Engineering, and Herbalism.

Armor: May wear any but upon becoming an official high priest must find and slay a black dragon and skin it, proving the power of death over life in even its mightiest forms. Many priests also do not use shields since they could not use their tow handed weapons, but those that take small weapons may use them. Special Note: Due to the undead nature of their god, the priests take on some of his weakness. In the daylight, any dexterity bonus they may have is cancelled. In addition, also in daylight, they have a -2 to hit and initiative.

The priests of Ichor Greenblood worship their god with intense devotion. Many believe this is because their god actually walks the world and attacks his foes openly and with no reluctance. Others think that since Ichor was once a mortal, that they too may become godlike.

Ichor's priests usually garb themselves in dark metallic plate mail and wield great maces after their own lord. In combat, they can be deadly as they known that their souls do not go to join any god save theirs and shall then become powerful undead minions to join in future battle against all that lives.

In addition the priests often seek to men the wound between the god Death and Ichor by forging alliances with the priests of Death and gathering to attack small villages and manors that have no protection. Toward all other religions, they laugh.