Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gromass the Earth Lady: 2nd Ed Deity

Going through the continuous sheet feed paper. Inspired directly by Grome from the old Elric series. That series probably had the biggest effect on my 80's gaming. The below is done without any changes to the original text outside of correcting some spelling errors. Looking through it, I can see many bits where I threw some lore into the setting. Strangely enough, I didn't really go into the god's apperance, powers, etc... I was rarely one of those who wanted to stat out a deity for the party to whomp on.

Gromass the Earth Lady
Goddess of Earth and Strength
Lesser God

Like a few of the other gods, Gromass took no initial interest in the world of Scarlore. Eventualy however, as the other gods grew more amused in their games and even managed to defeat the avatars of the God-Slayer using mortal pawns, Gromass grew more and more interested in the affairs of the world.

Seeking a domain to make her own, she found only the cold and powerful earth lain unclaimed to. Using the earth elementals and the other beings who relied upon the earth for strength and protection, Gromass soon created an empire which she has used to join in the gods games.

Gromass is unlike many of the gods in that she does not actively seek to engage her priests with those of the other gods, but allows the other gods to attack and test her strength. Then she allows her own might to be demonstrated by declaring total war on the faction that has dared to attack the very earth itself.

In today's world, Gromass still seeks to win the game of the gods by having the next mortal worshipper to slay the godlsyaer. Thus far she is doing poorly in her efforts to produce a champion and this has merely lead to earthquakes which rage across the entire planet. Her domain gives even Death and Atroy cause to fear for while Death is eternal and Atroy is patience itself, if her anger remains unchecked, Gromass could destroy Scarlore itself without meaning to.

Alignment: Gromass is true neutral and merely concerns herself with the building and crushing of her enemies. Her worshippers must also be true neutral and must do her goals by whatever means possible.

Requirements: Con 9, Wis 9
Symbol: Mountain
Colors: All hues of brown.
Special Abilities: 1)Due to dense and hard earth like skin, +1 to ac but -1 to CHA due to the skin's denser and more condensed appearance. 5)Avoid the effects of earthquake spells by making a saving throw vs. death magic. 7)Track any creature that has crossed the ground by making a successful intelligence check with no penalties as the earth itself tells the caster. 15)Gain stone giant strength for 1 turn once per day. 20)Cast earthquake spell once a day with no loss of spellpower.

Spheres: Major Access to Astral, Combat, Divination, Elemental and Summoning. Minor Access to Charm, Creation, Guardian and Weather.

Weapons: All blunt weapons. Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Survival, mountains. Recommended: Riding land based, animal handling, animal training, religion and herbalism. Armor Allowed: May wear any but prefer the most heaviest and strongest armor available to represent their strength. May also use shields.

Priest of Gromass tend to be violent and dangerous when spoken to. They have the tendency to see everything as a deadly challenge and attack it with a strength and unknown strength which seems to develop from the very ground they stand upon. Priests of Gromass wear earth tone colors and paint their armor to resemble their surroundings. Priests of Gromass work well in groups as long as all within it know who the leader is and that the leader is the strongest member of the church.

To these priests, strength is everything and they use their abilities to further the will of their god by seeking out a new champion to crusade their cause. Many belief that only one chosen by the god Wrath can truly slay the avatar of the God-Slayer and so they await with eager anticipation the next champion of Wrath's to step forth.