Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Filarsis the Forger: 2nd edition AD&D Deity

Way back in the day I designed my own campaign world. I mean like in the late 80's or so. It was based on the 2nd edition rule set of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, heavily modified with Arduin and Role Aids and house rules. Stuff was printed out on sheets of continuous feed paper! That cracked me up. I haven't seen that sort of paper in many years.

While cleaning I recently came across some of the gods of the setting. I figured some people may get a kick out of it. I haven't cleaned it up or revisited it so it's done as a straight out retyping from some 20+ year old creation. It's done up, I believe in the full 2nd edition methodology with Spheres and weapon and non-weapon proficiencies.

Filarsis the Forger
God of Armor and Weapons
Greater God

When the gods began their wars, they found that their weapons were weak. They approached Filarsis, the master forger, the one god who used his skills in the chaos of the world to create and forge. It was Filarsis who showed men the secret of making metal arms and armor. It was Filarsis who the Dwarves turned to in times of need.

Filarsis is the Forger of all things. Not only weapons and armor, but buildings and worlds themselves. Filarsis has the keen insight of a skilled architect which sees everything he does as a failure which must be surpassed by something even greater.

It is his duty to make the magical items that are found in the world. His most powerful one thus far some would say is the Black Blade. As the ages continued, Filarsis saw that some used his gifts to the point of abuse. It was these gods whose priests are limited to using certain armor and shields. It has nothing to do with the mortals, but the gods themselves.

Filarsis allows certain gods to advance their worshippers and increase their weapon skills or armor, but not often. It is Filarsis that the mortals curse when something breaks but it is also Filarsis that the mortals cheer when something is discovered.

Alignment: Filarsis is Lawful Neutral and his priests must be of any neutral alignment.
Requirements: Str 9, Wis 10
Symbol: Two hammers crossing behind an anvil.
Colors: Steel and grey.
Special Abilities: 1)Gain the Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking proficiencies at +2 to all checks.
4)Discover basic purpose of any weapon and its basic powers.
6)Make quality weapons or armor that will not break unless struck by a magic artifice or other harsh treatment.
10)Make magical items +1 for every four levels of the priest up to a maximum of +5.
15)Forge Armor from unusual materials such as adamant, dragonskin or others.
Spheres: Major Access to All, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Numbers, Protection and Summoning.
Minor Access to Combat, Law and Wards.
Weapons: May use all weapons and make new ones.
Non Weapon: Bonus Armoring, Blacksmithing, Weapon Smithing and Leatherworking. Recommended: Bowyer/Fletcher, Local History, Religion, Smelting, Stone Masonry.
Armor Allowed: May use all armors.

The priests of Filarsis are inventors and warriors. They spend their days fighting and their nights designing. Their weapons that they create are theirs and theirs only. If any dare touch them, they will be cursed.

These priests are often sought out by other sects as they are potentially one of the mightiest of all. They are found in every climate from sandy desert to arctic snows. They are adept at either city of wilderness survival as they can build their own small civilization if the need arises.

All Filarsis priests are aloof and independent. They enjoy the sense of power that their lord has given them, although they acknowledge that there are greater gods than their own. They admire the strengths of the other gods, but find that there are too often too many flaws with them as well.