Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre-January Kickstarter Updates

So it's almost January. I'm waiting on a few things to go on in my personal life so I have a little nervous energy to burn and some time to kill. Let's see what's what eh?

DeepWars - Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker: No clue what's going on which is okay as I told the guy to hold my stuff. I received the goods from the last one on time and in great shape. Hell, I've even assembled a few of the pieces and will start to paint them soon (ish) hopefully.

28mm Demons & Devils - Center Stage Miniatures: I'm happy with the updates so far. They've got some time left. HOWEVER, it could just be me mind you, I'm disappointed when they post pictures to face book and their own website before giving the people who helped fund the miniatures some exclusive time. Boo to you.

1650's rulebook: Late. Few updates. Great looking stuff when it does update.

Assimilation Alien Host : Updates are slow but I'm actually more worried about the guy's 'real' bussiness if you will. Some other KS that I'm backing seem to have listed him as a constraint not in a he's being evil way but life is getting in the way thing. Hopefully when he gets his new help he'll be able to straighten that all out because too much success as a reason still only goes so far.

Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West  and Blackwater Gulch: Rebels & Reinforcements  show that I am a moron. The material from the first one is late. To help compensate for these issues, the guy running it gets help. Looking at the other KS the company he got to help do it is NOT assuring as many of those projects are running late too. Ugh I say.

Imbrian Arts Miniatures is one of those other KS I've backed that I believe is using the Troll Forge material from the guy running Assimilation Alien Host. See why I might be worried about the constraint issue. If he can't fulfill the stuff NOW he is MORE work going to make that happen faster? Still, if the new help takes care of that it can easily work out. Depends on where the actual constraint is.

Kingdom Death : Monster is still running right now. I think I'm going to pass. I bought the Flower Knight because despite the stupid name, it is a massively intricate piece but I think they're simply a little too large for standard game play. It's also WAY off in the future. Like almost 2014 so another reason to wait it out.

Midgard RPG Miniatures : Tempted but have so many other miniatures I'm playing with right now... Still, I'll see where it comes along in the end. I think part of the problem is that Mike's been previewing some of the stuff for so long that there's no "ooooooos" and "aaaahhhs." We've seen the sculpts before, sometimes months ago.

Pirate Goblins Box Set: Late. Updates infrequently. Miniature painting requests not filled. M'eh? I didn't pop down a lot for this one but unless the guy really blows the doors off the hinges I'm not thinking that he'll be getting more funds.

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures : Good updates, good community, funny videos.

Red Box Games' Fantasy Miniatures!!! Late. Updates semi-frequently. Hit big by the delays from the Assimilation bit. Mold errors, constraint issues, and hey, he's going to do another KS before shipping out all the orders from the first one. So we'll see how that goes. I hope to support it but until I as a customer feel confident that it's not going to only result in more delays... I mean logically, if Ed is having a hard time meeting demand now and has a ton of work from other vendors already coming in and his own work, how can giving Ed MORE work result in quicker turn around? Doesn't happen too often but as I've mentioned, he is getting help so again, we'll see.

Relic nights just did a mass number of updates. Coolminornot is fairly good with keeping people in the loop so I'm not actually too worried about it.

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster : hit by the supplier bug of China. When you put things outside of your personal sphere of control, don't be surprised when... you have no control. I'm not saying you can't use such vendors or anything of that nature. Competition and costs will determine where you go but when you get hit by months of delays, remember to factor those costs into your savings.

Tectonic Craft Studios New Line of War Games Terrain : Late. I've ordered some material from the website just to get a feel for it. It's okay. I can complain about Games Workshop as loudly as anyone but man, looking over their Storms of Magic terrain and I think Tectonic is going to have some problems. His pieces are on par with those of Games Workshop in terms of cost and I've used the Games Workshop stuff. It looks better, is easier to assemble and easier to paint. I'm not saying Tectonic doesn't have a place at the gaming table, but man, if people are buying his stuff to avoid GW as opposed to actually looking at the pricing.... Mind you not every piece is on par and GW is more expensive then Tectonic on several pieces but they are not crazy with the fantasy terrain like they are with the 40K stuff.

Tentacles & Eyeballs: An RPG Horror Miniatures Set got hit by Wizards of the Coast. At Gen Con, I saw Gale Force 9 with some of their licensed miniatures. Anyone who wasn't expecting something like this could happen was living in a pleasant dream world. He's made up a lot of ground and already sent out goods to the lower level pledges. I'll be curious to see what he comes up with for the larger ones.

A Gallery of Rogues is a NPC collection. I'll probably be backing that one before it ends. I like Jim and I like the artist he picked here.

Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon : So late it in and of itself isn't worth smacking around any more. But the latest update notes that the guy doing the calculations forgot to take the holidays into account. What? Really man? For reals?

It Came from the Stars: Bringing the Weird to Pathfinder RPG is another one I'm just like, "whatever." It's fun to read the updates that are rare though. Take this one from the comments section from Oct 27th, "I'll be starting layout of the GM section next week!" and then the update section, "from December 15th,  "I'm expecting the GM's section to be finished within the next couple days.". Wow. Again, "really?" At this point, I can't imagine what this book would need to do in order for me to back any future projects by this company/individual.

King for a Day: Jim has learned a few lessons here. The first is starting a new kickstarter when you haven't fulfilled your previous one will lead to some upset customers. The second is even if it's just a page layout sample or art sample or bit of writing from the book, people want updates. Looking forward to seeing the final PDF and eventually the book.

Midgard Tales: 13 Pathfinder Adventures is one I haven't been paying attention to because the guy doing it has done this before Kickstarter was even around with the patron system. When I do look, hey, looks like a three month delay. Ugh. I hope the extras are worth it because I feel that patrons are paying a premium for the 'experience' of playtesting, getting contact with authors, etc... and I've mentioned before, I just want the finished product. The rest is nice for those who are involved with the gaming community, but at this point of social interaction, a lot of that is already happening without the cost. Very disappointed. Mind you, I'm disappointed not because KS has shown itself to be a timely way to get product or anything but because I expected better. Maybe the final product will be fantastic and the 'freebies' make up for the quarter delay.

Player's Companion for the Adventurer Conqueror King RPG another one so late I'm not going to bash it. It has fans and I did get the core book as I ordered the higher end package so that I'd have it in preparation for the companion. I've already forgotten most about it as I haven't played it and only read it so on the shelf the companion will go when it does arrive.

Steampunk Musha: Victoriental Adventures: Late. Last update over a month ago. Needs to update more frequently.

Razor Coast: Let me do a copy and paste from old the Rappan Atthuk thing pissed me off as it was late but it was being sold at Gen Con with no option for pick up. And their other KS is late too I believe. I'm a Paizo subscriber so I'd get a discount and the PDF if I ordered through them. Plus xx off shipping. The charging people for shipping a while before actually you know, shipping it also feed into the being pissed bit. "We're charging you s&h but won't actually ship it for... months?"

Having said that, it looks like it's going from 150 for the player's guide and source book to 225 for 'signed' editions with an exclusive module. Where's the mid point where they don't sign it? $75 bones for me is way too rich for something like a 36 page adventure. I'll wait and see if anything 'essential' comes unlocked but it would have to be MUCH more promising than RA. The May timeline... Too early for Gen Con but if it follows the previous ones and is a few months late...

Okay, I think that's it for me. Rant mode off!