Sunday, December 16, 2012

Liebster Awards

Recently the guys at Chicago Skrimish Wargames honored me with a nod to the Liebster Awards. Not something I'm even hip enough to know about but it's cool to have someone go, "check out this guy" bit.

I mention other blogs frequently. I have a massive blog roll to the old right side of the screen. They range from miniature and writing and anime and board games to mostly RPG material. So a few call outs. one good turn deserves another right? Felix was one of the guys I would see often at my old friend's gaming store. A miniature painter who does hundreds of the little bastards a year and is involved with the Privateer Press Games and the Chicago land community. I enjoy reading his battle reports. : Mark is one of the guys whose been doing gaming goods forever and a day. He actually has a company but I mainly know him from his online persona and of course his love of all things Games Plus and the various RPGs and miniatures they have there. : I'm a sucker for old school Warahmmer and some of the things associated with it.

But seriously, check out the blog roll to the right. Some very popular ones there that I'm sure most people know but probably more than a few that people are going to thank me for.