Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Good Thief Part 2

The main character of the book, Ren, meets a wide variety of interesting characters. Let me peg some role playing thoughts at them as I would see them aimed at making them friendly to new players looking for some archetypes.

Ren: Raised in an orphanage, his young age makes Ren seem a bit naive but he quickly picks up on the reality of a situation and often can read the underlaying currents around him in the faces, muscles, and attitudes of those he greets. With a friendly outlook and a wild imagination, despite his limitation, Ren quickly befriends those about him.

Tom: A former teacher whose current profession is nothing that he would like it to be, Tom tries to drown out the voices of the past, of his mistakes of his shame, with alcohol. His only interest in gathering funds is to provide enough food, shelter, and most importantly, alcohol for as long as possible.

Benjamin: The con man, the lair, the thief, the rogue, the scoundrel. Yet he also has a friendly face and also goes out of his way to make those about him feel good. While some would say he's too cynical and cold hearted, he prefers to think of himself as a realist and while he may be forced away from his friends for a time, he always comes back. Even when he's physically outmaneuvered, its rare for him to be intellectually outmaneuvered and more than one person has caught themselves unaware at his schemes.

Dolly: A murderer whose honest about his profession and takes pride in his skill with it. While he's not out to harm those who are just going about their day to day living, his thick arms and powerful build ensure that those he does seek to finish, rarely have a chance to defend themselves. A man of such prestigious strength that snapping necks is no bother and of such vitality, that rising from being strangled days latter is no more taxing to him than taking a long nap. Despite these seemingly horrific feats of physical strength and endurance and the nonchalant manner of dealing death and accepting it, once he calls you friend he'll lay down his life to ensure you have yours.

The Dwarf: A man out of place among his own people, the dwarf's strange looks and short stature insure that few take him seriously. At least those few who even know of his existence. His friendship is not easily won but once given, is as solid and long lasting as the toys he carves for his sister in exchange for her preparation of foodstuffs.

The Good Thief provides a lot of entertainment in a slim volume and is a book worth adding to your read list.