Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Codex Gigas

Over on the dreaded Facebook, supreme slayer of freetime, I came across a post by "So Good So Bad" that discussed the Codex Gigas.

This is a huge tome coming in at some odd 36" by 20" by 8.7".

The picture used to illustrate how big this actually is showcases that:

Not only that, but as it's an incredibly ancient book, there are several bits that would make for great ideas to incorporate into a role playing game.

1. Lost Pages: The book has over the course of years gone from 320 pages to 160 pages. Some of these lost in modern times as the book was rescued from a fire by being thrown out of a window. Showcases that sometimes stuff is just lost.

2. Giant Spellbook: Might be too big to physically carry right away without a Bag of Holding or other such magic item. Spells might have to be studied from a central location.

3. The Writer: Supposedly written by one monk with no errors that sold his soul to the devil! Now there are several bits right there that can be used, but what if the Monk is still alive and it's only the Monk who can restore whatever pages can't be found? 

4. The Devil's Bible: It's called that because there is a huge picture of the devil within. Perhaps a spellbook or lore book has an inaccurate name due to something in the book that's there for illustrative purposes but not intent?

History is filled with wild examples of things that I'd not necessarily think up on my own which is why it's always great to keep an open mind.