Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quote

Who has been in a game of Dungeons and Dragons and the cleric turns towards you and says "I find your lack of faith disturbing?"

How about Rifts and getting ready to raid a hideout of Xenos? "It is all about that base."

Quotes bring a lot of entertainment to a game.

They help everyone share the current pop culture, as well as showcase the group's personal preference for older material.

I know that in my group, the original movie Predator has many lines taken from it. The dreaded "If it bleeds we can kill it." is by far the favorite. It's even been made into a meme with "If it has stats we can kill it."

Quotes can also take on a life of their own. A Game of Thrones has a line, "You know nothing John Snow." One of the players accused the DM of not knowing anything. So that because "You know nothing Tom Snow." And we've used it many a time.

What are some of the favorite quotes that get thrown around at your gaming table?