Thursday, April 16, 2015

L is For Leadership

When it comes to role playing games, there aren't necessarily a break down of the group into leaders and followers.

So what am I talking about when I say L is for Leadership?

Be the type of player you want to play with.

Do you show up late to the games and hate it when other people are later then you? Think about it and make the effort to show up on time.

Have you ever blown off your group and not called to let them know you weren't making it?

Have you ever been at the game and had the GM waiting to find out what's going on with that one guy?

Think about it and make the small effort to call and let the group know you're not going to be there. The earlier the better because if other people cancel, and some of them don't call? The game itself may be cancelled.

This type of 'leadership' can go into everything that happens at the game.

Do your games get bogged down in rules questions? Learn the system better. You're not doing it to showboat your knowledge of the game, but rather, to get the game moving forward again.

Does your group use miniatures? Can you provide your own?

Are you going to someone else's house to play? Bring the host refreshments. I've been to games that have run where no one outside of a few select people bring soda and chips and you have to look at the other guys like "Really? You'll sit here and eat the food and drink the soda and never bring any yourself?" Don't be that guy.

Here's another tip. If the place you're playing isn't owned outright by the host, bring something for the actual owners. Order them a pizza. Role players can be loud and obnoxious at times without ever meaning to. I know there has been more than one shout of "Nat 20!" in games I've played and if anything, I'm positive my group is not alone in that.

I know that for some people, there is a financial costs here that even when moderate when compared to other things (what is it, $4 for a Starbucks coffee) that you may not be able to afford it.

That's when you need to do the non-costing things. Get there early. Offer to help set up. Offer to hep clean up. Offer to take out the garbage if enough has accumulated during game time. There are things that don't cost any money that are appreciated.

Be the gamer you want to play with.

Are there any other positive attributes we gamers should be bringing to the table? Throw a comment down below!.