Saturday, April 26, 2014

Warhammer Weekly Notes 3!

Ah Ty-Ku. My favorite drink they make, is the coconut sake. Unfortunately, my local Jewel grocery store only carries the small bottle and it's just under $10 a bottle and well, I'd need two of them at least to start a buzz.

So I went over to the local Binny's and they had only two of the varieties, the 'silver' and 'black' bottles.  Picked up the silver bottle there. While driving back, ran into a local liquor store. They had all of the Ty Ku drinks and all of them BUT the coconut in the large bottles! Shakes fist angrily at the air. They were also undercutting Binny's price by a few bones so I picked up the black bottle with the gift wrapping that came with a few glasses and some chopsticks and instructions on how to drink the sake via Kampi!

So next week back to the black Ty-Ku! If it makes in in the fridge for a week...

Got there a little early so busted out the Cthulhu Flux. It was a surprisingly long game. I can tell the guys I played with, including myself, are WAY out of practice forgetting to read the abilities of Creepers and Keepers as well as screwing up a few of the rules here and there. There are some fun cards here. For example, there's one where you speak one of your personal fears and get an extra card and the ability to play it.

I thought I had a lock in on the win for sure because I had like ten keepers but nope, one of the guys managed to get a play of cards in the right order and snatched victory from me.

After that we were still waiting for an amigo show up so we played a hand of Monty Python Flux. This one is pretty classic. We even pulled the sing a Monty Python song and get another draw. We were left staggering after about three songs though because we're all getting to be old and know only some of the bits these days as opposed to actual songs but yes, Sir Brave Robin was sung out as well as Every Sperm Is Sacred. Thankfully the game ended before our sanity was destroyed by our poor singing. This one was a draw as our amigo managed to make it to the game.

Our game continued where we left off in the swamp. In a short period of time, we got to find some strange swamp worms, an immobile tree that still managed to incapacitate one of us through surprise, a few chaos mutants, a few more mutants, and then terrorized some thugs and low lives.

One thing I didn't miss about Warhammer 2nd edition combat? How swingy it is. Ulric's Fury can be quite nasty, but even without it, if you're facing something that has a 3 strength and rolls a 9, that's still 12 damage. Now for more experienced adventurers who might have some armor, say, 2 armor points and a toughness of 5, that's still going to be 7 wounds, which can be quite a few. Mind you this swing works both ways though and well, the players have Fate Points and we even remembered to use our Fortune points this time around which was good!

One thing I like? Even with the number of combats we were involved in, these combats go quickly. While I'm one of the few people I know who actually enjoyed 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons, I know the combat in that edition is fairly long. All the options and interactions and non-standard moves. Warhammer? I don't know if it's we're not using maneuvers or that we've only got so many actions to select from in the first place or what, but those combats fly quickly.

We haven't started using miniatures or anything yet and we've been ribbing the GM about it. It's okay because we're not really a huge missile using group and haven't been in any situation where cover might be an issue and haven't fought any weird creatures that were hiding from us so it's worked out in that aspect.

The amount of investigation we've been doing so far has been impressive. My character though isn't necessarily too worried about it as I think our group is sooner or later going to decide to quit looking for information on this 'heir of Sigmar' and just take care of business. We've heard from several people already about various unpleasantries involved with the 'golden child' so I imagine we're heading in that direction already. Only thing is some of the other players are worried we're going to miss some weird clue like a secret weakness so the investigation will continue!

For those playing Warhammer FRPG now, any particular favorite bits? Anything you'd warn other people of? When you play, do you use miniatures or skip those?