Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amazon's April Kindle Sales

One of the nice things about a new month is new sales from Amazon.

Marvel 1602: Neil Gaiman makes comics and does a great job of them. This is a popular tale of his looking at how the Marvel Universe would be in the long ago past. So popular it even had a sequel. $3.99

All-New X-Men, Vol. 1: Yesterday's X-Men : So Marvel didn't eliminate their previous history and destroy all that continuity like DC did with 52 during their 'Now' phase. They did bring the original five X-Men to present times though. $3.99.

New Avengers Vol 1: Breakout: Written by the same guy! This is where we got characters like Luke Cage taking a more central role in the Marvel Universe as well as Spider Man on the Avengers and the 'reintroduction' of the Sentry. This runs for $1.99 so is even a better deal.

Runaways Vol 1: Another comic series! One of the problems I have with Marvel comics, hell, comics in general these days, is that they are so tied into the various events. Runaways, and Young Avengers at first, were relatively isolated and very well written. Good stuff if you want teen angst in your heroes. Also at the low end of $1.99

Today's deal?

Axe Cop Vol 1. Dark Horse is not afraid to publish the weird and humorous. $1.99

Ask, Measure, Learn: Using Social Media Analytics to Understand and Influence Customer Behavior: Okay, this one is weird because it's not really Amazon's daily deal, it's O'reily's daily deal, but Amazon is matching price on it. I'm always looking at stuff about analysis so it's up my alley even though it's $9.99 but that's half off it's regular electronic price, which itself, is more expensive than buying the physical paperback from Amazon. Ah pricing versus electronic books. Bad companies.

Did anyone see anything else worth picking up that I missed? Thankfully I've got a month to pick up a few of those as I intend to head to Adepticon this weekend and won't be picking up any of those, except that last one, today.