Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is going on with D&D Next?

This is just me wondering aloud what is happening over at WoTC.

Monte was on D&D Next for like, what? Five minutes or something?

And now Bruce Cordell, a man whose been at the company for almost 20 years and produced some of my favorites books, both in WoTC official products and out of them, is out? Of his own will mind you, just as Monte was.

But what does this say about the 'staying' power of D&D Next? Who are the 'stars' left in it? I know that a lot of the former ones are doing their own thing, some on Kickstarters. I know a lot of the Novelist are doing work for Paizo, including Ed Greenwood and others.

Honestly, I don't do the role playing thing that much anymore. The guys I normally hang with do to so have shuffled from Pathfinder in the Shackled City to Vampire Rome to Earthdawn and while I was in the first, I dropped for the later in order to work on my Privateer Press miniatures so I can actually get some Warmachine games in.

I know there's always a lot of talk about the game in terms of what people are seeing and hearing and well, it's the internet. It's all noise to me. I

So whose still working on D&D Next?