Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magic the Gathering Nemesis: Masquerade Cycle Book II by Paul B. Thompson

Another quick read from the Half-Price dollar spinner rack.

I'll be jumping into spoilers right away. If you're looking for just an overall yeah or nay, I'd say yea. It's usually a fun read when you get to see what the villains are up to and the heroes aren't the 'main strays' of the series.

Anyway, the book is indeed about villains and fallen heroes. Two of the main villains, Ertai, and Crovax, were former heroes aboard the Weatherlight. Two of the others, Greven, and Volrath should be better known as villains since they've been around for a while. The new piece to the game Belbe, is added. This provides a nice range of characters who for the most part, have their own methods and abilities, but are eager to see who the new champion of the machine made plane of Rath will be.

In a role playing game, it can often times be difficult to play as the villains if its a standard game. In a setting like this though, where all of the characters and enemies are villains, it makes it a little easier. No matter which side you turn on, they probably deserve it. It can act as a guide to running a quick mini-campaign of sorts that sets up the background events.

This can allow players the change to see how the other side lives and works and while it can be hard to keep the meta knowledge out of their hands, it can also be fun if they know what a struggle they've have in the upcoming events.