Friday, July 13, 2012

Not Dead Yet!

Normally the start of the month is when things slow down and I get to catch a breather or two. That has not happened this month. Instead, I'm working six to seven days a week still and trying to prep myself for Gen Con where I'll be running games for Crucible 7 with The One Ring and other games. While I am a little rusty, I'm not too worried about the whole running of games bit as much as trying to get some system mastery in while I'm still painting and trying to have a life outside of hobbies and work.

Not easy!

Still, I am reading very rarely in between and wishing that Gen Con wasn't around the corner because Comixology has some fantastic sales going on with both Godzillia and the Walking Dead. Because of Gen Con though, I'm holding back.

But Gen Con isn't enough to stop the continued backing of some Kickstarters! After I lay down some money and see some more results I'll try to add those to next month's ranting and raving about them.

In the meanwhile, I hope the drought isn't effecting your state or home. I'm already dreading the price increases we're going to see on produce as the news has just been hammering how badly Indiana and Illinois have been hit and even though I'm sure a lot of that corn is corn feed for animals, that just means that the price of meat will continue to skyrocket.

Stay cool and stay safe!