Friday, July 6, 2012

The Kickstarters That Weren't

I figure since I discussed the Kickstarters I've supported, I might as well talk about the ones I didn't and give a brief run down of why. Please note these are my own depraved opinions and my own cynical brain working so they are not necessarily the reality of the situation. Proceed with caution!

Appendix N Adventure Toolkit: Two things here. Well, three things. The amount of playing I've been involved is in small. Two, I don't own the Goodman Games RPG this is for. Three, I missed it. No, really, I was going to back it. The funds were relatively small for even some of the better rewards and I was going to. Figure I'd try to do a whole renaissance thing of gaming for myself with the Goodman book and some other bits. It's not that I won't get into it eventually but so much painting to do...

Norsgard: Well, this one didn't receive that much funding at all. The figures they do have look nice but I think they're a little too indie and unknown right now to go for such a huge goal. Another company that's been around for a while had a large goal and almost didn't make it. Might be better to start with smaller goals when your this new.

Avatars of War Dwarf Army: This is the one I was talking about that almost didn't make it. I know, you look at the total know and you're like, "Is Joe crazy?" For a long time that meter didn't move. It seemed to be a surge at the last minute. I didn't back it because Sedition Wars and Mantic kicked me in the face and left my wallet bleeding and unable to fund ANOTHER miniature scale at the size I'd want to. I was also slightly put off by shipping fees. I know things aren't free but most of the ones I've participated in didn't have shipping.

City Of Clocks: I love city campaigns. I love city books. Not too fond of generic books. Still, I was about to support when I saw their updates. They were going to provide some gaming notes but they started off with what I consider some fairly popular systems but left the most popular systems at the very top of the food chain. My cynical brain decided they were doing that to lure people into pledging in order to get up to those higher levels. That's just me. Probably completely wrong but when I see Savage Worlds and Pathfinder after some OSR stuff? M'eh. If it comes to retail and I have funds I'll probably take a look at it then.

Jeff Easley/Scott Taylor: Another retro project. I love the art involved here. However, if you're going to sell the completed product at the exact same price at the finished product, why I am getting in ahead of the game? Sure, if I was a die hard fan the answer would be to insure that it's created. For me, I have hundreds of books I haven't read yet. I've got a bit of a collector's problem but it's also a cynical bit so while the various Half Price books have numerous dollar racks, I have no problem buying the occasional e-book or kickstarter project. But when you're charging the same thing for people to buy it from you direct as the kickstarters? And again, that's just my opinion. And here's the other thing. While some may hate Amazon, I love that I can sync my Kindle books from any purchases from the store automatically. Have to do it manually when you buy the files individually.

It's something another Kickstarter did where they were selling it on Amazon before you got your Kickstarter copy. So.... I could buy it from Kickstarter, wait around for it to be sent or pay the same price and download it to all my devices with no problem? I know which route I'm taking in the future.

Again, I'm sure I'm missing some and there are some things I want to kickstart but have to wait on the old funds to see where what lands when but those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

Have there been any kickstarters you've looked at and said.... "You know... outside of... but really..."