Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bot aka The Ruin Forged or the Frost Forged

In my initial postings, I've mentioned miniatures as a point of inspiration but haven't had a lot of focus on miniatures.

Superfigs are miniatures designed for Supersystem, a miniatures combat game, but are also useful for Mutants and Masterminds as well as the Champions Hero system. Many of them however, also work perfectly well for a fantasy environment. At their relatively low cost, especially low cost to size, I picked up one called Bot.

Bot was to me, an experiement with some MIG products; heavy rust, light rust, and grease and oil. Normally these types of enhancers are used on tanks and other large scale models, but Bot looked to be a good test for anything I might want to try on various Privateer Press figs.

As I painted him Cold Steel and then lathered on the various rust and grease effects, I decided that I wanted to do a snowy base, another of my weaknesses. I glued the figure onto a 'large' base and dabbed on the spakle. When dried I painted it a few shades of white.

One of the things I was thinking as I painted it though, was that it looked like some sort of primitive War Forged and it got the old brain thinking.

What if the current War Forged of the Eberron setting were not originally made in Eberron. What if they were based on actual models found under the snow, buried deep and discovered by explorers? These ancient relics of a bygone age composed of metals that were no longer found in today's modern smiths and crafted with legs that do not look like they should work and a flawless ruby in it's chest.

So old and ancient were these Ruin Forged or Winter Forged, call so for their location and state of disrepair, they often fell apart before they could be examined. Some were functioning all too well though and came alive, attacking with harder than steel fists and agility that belays their strange experience. Their teeth, filled too razor sharp points, were also not for looks but for use!

I initially see them as coming form another world, a vanguard that was never given the signal and simply left to rot and ruin for reasons no one knows why. in a standard D&D campaign, these ancient creatures could be meant for humanity to use in their fight against Mind Flayers and other entities from the Far Realm using technology as the final boost in Mankind's ancient battles to be free of the unknown terrors of that dark and dismall dimension.

I've always been a fan of a little science fiction in my fantasy, especially Space Opera style and I can easily see something like one of these creatures as an enemy when exploring a ruin like the Barrier Peaks or almost as a normal character in something like Battle Chasers.