Friday, September 11, 2009

The Everyday Inspiration Game Masters Need

One of the problems with running a campaign is describing everything that happens. One of the easiest ways to get assistance doing this, is to watch everything.

For example, say the group has just completed a tough mission or that they are preparing a celebration prior to going on a new adventure. What type of foodstuffs can you describe to them?

Looking at a menu for Sweet Baby Ray's, how about...

A succulent spit roasted pig with a variety of encased meats with omelets, French toast, brisket, hash, eggs, potato salad, grilled vegetables, jalapeños and onions along with fresh cornbread and fruit?

In and of itself not a full description but enough to get the mind thinking. If it's a campaign setting with a lot of detail to it, such as unique fruits or customary baking methods, add them. If it's one with details on different types of animals that are suited for eating, describe them. "The dire board is so huge that it requires several shifts of several grown men to turn it."

Little touches can be found wherever you look as long as you're willing to take a moment and add them.

In addition, even the little things can lead to big adventures. For example, are there any famous chiefs? Do they have any special ingrideients that they need the players to get? Are there any special herbs or spices? Not everything has to be about purple worm steaks after all.