Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fortress of Eagles

The follow up to Fortress in the Eye of Time, the same cast and crew continue their adventurers. One of the main characters, Tristen, continues to be a useful tool in showing readers how the setting works. See, Tristen doesn't have a lot of knowledge being a 'shaping', a kind of returned soul from the dead so he's always asking seemingly innocent questions in a thirst for knowledge. Take this little gem.

"You pray to the gods. Do they hear you?"

"I pray to the gods, on holiday. On a battlefield. Truth be known, that's the way of most men." (p. 81 hardcover sci-fi edition).

Note this. In the Forgotten Realms and other fantasy campaigns, it's common for the gods to be pantheon based and the players would pray to each god that was in charge of the sphere that the player was seeking assistance in. Want to win a battle? Pray to Tempus. Want to survive a storm at sea? Pray to the bitch queen.

Knowing the gods of the world and their methodologies will allow the GM to showcase the different ways religion effects the different castes of the setting.