Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ms Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why

Ms Marvel continues to integrate herself into the Marvel Universe in this volume. Volume two collects issues six through eleven.

The cover art continues to have a  different style than the interior.

The first two issues in this volume, where Ms Marvel meets Wolverine, are also different. I dig it though. Reminds me of Bruce Timm, Steve Rude, or Darwyn Cooke.

It starts off with a two issue team up special with everyone favorite mutant, Wolverine. This is at the time, the original Logan, not the Old Man Logan or his heir, X-23.

She makes a great impression on Logan and comes up with one of the best descriptions I've seen of Wolverine in a long time.

"So like now you're like a short angry man who punches stuff?."

Her being a fan of the heroes and getting to meet them in the larger sense of the Marvel Universe is one of the strengths of the series.

She also gets to meet Lockjaw of the Inhumans and it sets up her eventual meeting with the Inhumans and becoming aware that she isn't as Mutant as she might have thought when meeting Wolverine, but rather, an Inhuman.

This 'slow burn' of introducing her in such a manner allows Ms Marvel to enjoy being a part of the bigger setting without being overwhelmed by it.

In terms of writing? I love the humor. There's the humorous bits of writing that come through like when Ms Marvel describes her opponent, The Inventor.

This whole, "You're a bird" thing plays off a few times and every time it does, I don't know if it's the art style or the unique appearance of the Inventor or what but it cracks me up.

The ideas in the issue seem counter to me in terms of overall motive for the bad guy. If you've ever seen the Matrix, you'll know that people are used as living power cells. Here the bird, I mean, the Inventor, is using Millenials as power cells because hey, the youth of the world is useless.

As far as motivations go, it's... interesting at best. To have the technical know how to make all of those things to turn people into fuel cells and then to be so stupid to think that a whole generation is lost? Well, in the dreaded real world we've seen that knowledge, say specific knowledge, like how to be a brain surgeon, does not translate into knowing what you're talking about.

So it is here.

I enjoyed Ms Marvel's steps into the wider world and the introduction of her strange enemy the Inventor. The writer brings a lot of comedy to the series as well as a lot of family. Ms Marvel isn't some grim dark loner running around, she's part of a family, part of a community, and part of many 'tribes' if you will.

If you're tired of all of you super heroes being angst filled, Ms Marvel is right up your alley.