Saturday, October 15, 2016

Iron Fist: Stealing the Names of His Kung Fu!

One of the fun things about martial arts, whether its real ones or those from fantasy, ranging from books to anime, is the naming conventions. Even Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition and its monk
class, had the quivering palm attack after all.

So taken from the Epic Collection of Iron Fist, the Fury of Iron Fist, are some of the names, suitable
for using in games like Champions or just yelling them out for your own monk characters.


Blow of the Hammer
Double Sword Hand
Hammer Blows
Knife Slash Blow
Leopard Paw Blow
Monkey Blow
Pounding Wave Blow
Ram's Head
Rock Smash Blow
Scorpion Blow
Sword Hand
Tiger Claw Blow


Basic Horse Stance
Cat Stance


Cresent Kick

Dragon Stamp
Dragon Stomp
Elephant Kick
Elephant Stomp
Lightning Kick 

Ram's High Kick
Spinning Whip Kick


Locking Block
Monkey Blow
Reverse Smash

Boulder Block
Heel Palmed Parry
High Line Block
Leaping Deer Block


Cross Arm Throw
Reverse Shoulder Throw

To see all of those crazy moves in action, they're all collected in the collection of Iron Fist.