Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jurassic World

I'm way behind on so much entertainment that it's not even funny.

Take Jurassic World.

Some interesting ideas here that role playing games have been stealing since before the first Jurassic Park book was written. If you need any proof  hunt down a copy of Isle of Dread by TSR from way back in the day.

Gamers have known since day one that dinosaurs are cool even if they have no special abilities.

As far as movies go, it's terrible. It has a few saving graces, most of those being the ever improving amount of technology in the movies that create the world that the dinosaurs are living in.

The people? Utterly stupid. The scenarios they wind up in? Equally stupid. The lack of injury? Amazing.

I'd strongly suggest the guys writing and making future Jurassic Park-World movies watch Die Hard again and take notes on how bloody, injured, and battered the main hero is at the end. It shouldn't be a "Man, I sure did sweat a lot!, I'm going to need a new shirt!"

Outside of things like, you know, heels not breaking regardless of the circumstances. I was surprised she didn't use of of her shoes to smash a raptor's head in, Shoe survived every other catastrophe known to man.

There are many many issues.

It's a semi-futuristic world and the phone service stucks? No one knows how to text?

Military specialists don't realize the time and training needed to enable a small group of semi-trained raptors as opposed to a grand scale?

I could go on and have already gone on too much to not talk about the "fun" parts.

1. Monsters are smarter than you think they are: Jurassic Park made the raptors so smart that it became a running gag cartoon shows like Family Guy. While it's good to have a lot of dumb monsters that are there only to get the beat down, have a few of them be capable of surprising the good guys.

2. Mad Science! Fantasy games already have the owl bear and actual classics of fantasy like the griffon and other beasts that mix multiple animals into one type of animal. When you start throwing dinosaurs and other fantasy monsters into the mix, fun things can happen! 3.5 and Pathfinder with their use of templates can get a lot of the mechanical work done in such instances.

3. Island Mix: One of the fun things about say Jurassic Park, is that it all takes place on an island. Imagine though if you start to mix things up. The characters get home and find out there's some talk of a plague or that over in Europe people are coming down with a 'rage' virus? That monkeys are taking over the cities? Hell, the island might be the last place that's safe from the other stuff out in the wider world at that point. Some versions of the Isle of Dread have it 'float' through various dimensions although it's been pinpointed to both Mystara and Greyhawk and I'm sure that some have pegged it into the Forgotten Realms because you know, why not?

Jurassic World has a lot of things going for it in terms of visuals. In terms of sound. In terms of representation of action. It's not going to win any consistency awards or any awards for best actor but if you want to see a gene spliced super raptor tearing it up across an island of people and prey, or people who are prey, it's a solid movie and can get the 'adventure' blood flowing.