Sunday, July 26, 2015

Maysville Reading

When I have blocks of time where my normal sedimentary activities aren't taking over, aka binging on hours of Netflix or Hulu, I like to read.

One book recommended to me that I finally finished, was Eat the Frog!

The idea is to finish off your least most desirable tasks and get the day started.

Well, it's slightly more complicated then that. There are other bits that include time management, some good old 80/20 thinking, looking at the three things that add the most value to your company, and others, but yeah, it was well worth a read.

The other one I finished off was Supply Chain Management Demystified. Working in various parts of the supply chain, from the manufacturing, to the packaging, to the distribution side of it, it's always good to 'sharpen the saw' as Stephen Covey would say.

Lots of solid ground advice here and well worth keeping as an introduction and reference piece.

I poked around a few other books as well but didn't finished them so I'll probably touch on them another day when the books are finished.

Nice to be back in Chicago. It's not even that I'm some weird city-boy who has to be active 24-7 but I like having my own bed to sleep in and my own internet to use and my own car to drive.