Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dungeon Master's Screen Review

Looking over the Dungeon Master's Screen for 5th edition.

The outside art is top notch. One of the best fantasy pieces I've seen in a long time. Over at the blog Shadowcore, you can see the artist other work:

Bad news? It's kinda m'eh. It's why I put a picture of the Savage Worlds screen below it with some inserts. If you need more game information than you do pictures and graphic design, the Dungeon Master's Screen is going to leave you cold.

The good news?

It's pretty cheap at Amazon. The blank Savage Worlds screen from Amazon is $22.25. The Dungeon Master's Screen is $9.22

I'm a little disappointed that with so many editions to review and gather examples from, even from other game systems, that the designers decided pretty was more important than useful but hey, maybe other people LOVE the art and design and would rather have MORE items like this?

It has given me a better appreciation for the custom screen that Gale Force 9 did for the campaign Tyranny of Dragons though. That had some very specific information that made it easier to run. Bad news is that one is twice as expensive as the generic one.

Can't win!

Let me know what you think of the new screen and how you'll be using it.