Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pathfinder Mystery Monsters Revisited

I normally don't hit up actual game products because there are so many other things out there but this one holds a special "ha!" for me.

I picked it up at Half-Priced Books along with several other Pathfinder books by Paizo. It was also during the 20% off sale. On one hand, that's awesome for me. $8.00 for a Pathfinder book? Awesome. But seeing multiple copies of each book indicates to me that it was a 'dump' and that Paizo is making too many books and that those books are being dumped into used book store chains. If we had any Powel bookstores around, I'd be curious to see if they had any as well.

But that's not what I get the "ha!" from.

Rather, it's that this book includes "cryptids", creatures from the 'real world' that are 'mystery' monsters in that even with all of our modern science, we can't find them.

Some of these are classic bits like the Mothman, the New Jersey Devil (aka the Sandpoint Devil in Pathfinder), Yetis, and Sasquatch

But that's not what sold the book to me.

Rather it was the Death Worm!

How can you not love a monster from Mongolia that is not only poisonous, but has electicity as well? I actually have a few miniatures of the thing that i got for cheap when I was looking for some monstrous creatures.

For me, I got my money's worth right there. The monsters themselves are a CR 11 so it's not a piddling threat either!

Some of the other beasties will get to see immediate use. For example, the bunyip has a 'muck' variant. My group is in the River Kingdoms right now with a lot of rivers and waterways so I'll get to throw one of those big bastiches right at them.

Some of the other stuff may come up later but between the death worms and the bunyip's immediate use in my game? Well done Paizo.

The book also includes the standard bits. An example monster for each type. One of the bigger bads is a sea serpent, the mourning one, that clocks in at CR 19.

It also includes names and historical/setting information on monsters not statted out. For example, also under sea serpent, the ashen worm, a white worm that is never about in the daytime but hunts at night.

It's a fun little book that can allow some quick use for a variety of CR's.