Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Thousand Thrones: A Sobering Game

I wasn't supposed to be at the game yesterday. It was the birthday of one of my former work amigos whose moved on to bigger and better things, and we and a few others were going to go to watch the Cubs. Heck, looks like they even won the game.

I did not go though. My gout was acting up. This means much medication for inflammation and pain and no drinking. No drinking = no Cubs. Sorry Cub fans but for me, baseball is about hanging with the amigos and making fun of the Cubs because they are such a wretched team. Well, no wretched but pitiful? When they haven't won the big game in 100+ years there is a problem.

So sober, I went to game. Bad news there is the alcohol was flowing freely as one of my amigos brought some Modelo. But alas, I resisted. I had brought spicy chips that were 'mild spicy' as well as some cheese dip and some snacks.

 Got to have something if it can't be the alcohol right?

The game resulted in more investigations with our discovering the identity of 'The Vengeance of Sigmar'. The problem with this whole set up though? We spent much of last week learning what a fierce and dangerous man this was, and we find him as a pitiful mutant in his own apartment on the verge of death.

How could that have been different? How could we have found him? Well, he could still be on the verge of death for example, but if you wanted to follow up on how awesome he was, have a few other corpses be there with him. Give the players more reinforcement in terms of who their actual enemies are by the corpses left behind. Or even drag marks in blood showing that the guy didn't go down like a punk after being described as the Punisher/Batman of the Warhammer world.

After some more exploration of the city, we found what we assumed were the last clues and were on the way out of the city when we were attacked by thieves. We managed to quickly incapacitate the 'human agents' when the vampires came out. We learned that a magical bird who'd been spying on us that we killed with a great shot by the wood elf archer, was actually a comrade of ours. It was very "didn't see that coming".

I suppose we could have fought and probably got our asses handed to us as these vampires were soaking up some good damage relatively quickly and had high stats all around, but we'd already learned what we needed to and let the vampires have a tome that provided more information about some magical items that the cultists of Papa Nurgle were trying to use to control the mutant child with his powers.

All in all a satisfying game with a good mix of exploration and fighting and a reminder that there are many factions in the Warhammer setting and not all of them that are you enemies are each other's friends.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend of gaming!