Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Discovering the Ice Caves

The above image is taken from the Smithsonian Article, "Deep Freeze Reveals Lake Superior's Secluded Ice Caves and is a tumblir picture from stpaulgirl.

 When it gets cold enough to freeze over lakes, well, things happen. Some of those things that may happen, is that the caves in the lake are revealed.

When I first heard about this earlier this winter, I tagged it to post about later because it makes a great adventure bit. Check out the website as it has several more pictures of the lake and makes great reference points for players. 

In the comic Lock And Key, there is an entrance to a demonic world that is in a cave and the cave is buried under water.

In many fantasy tales, including say the Hobbit when the Company is trying to find the entrance to the dwarf stronghold, they can only do so at a very specific time and under very specific circumstances.

Having locations that are inaccessible for much of the standard time of the campaign, provides such hidden locations mystic feel. It also prevents them from being trampled on by every other adventurer in the region.

When placing your dungeons and your dangerous areas, don't forget to add a few that can only be reached in very specific circumstances and if you want to be a real bastard about it, can only be left under similar circumstances!