Friday, August 2, 2013

Kickstarter: The August Update

So where are the Kickstarters? Tectonic Craft Studios is over a year late. Dwimmermount is a year late. The book was supposed to be available at Gen Con but hey, that ain't happening. Steampunk Musha... I don't want to say I've given up on it but... 28mm Demons & Devils is supposed to be well and truly on the way. Imbrian Arts has sent some stuff out but I've yet to see any of it. Assimilation Alien Host hasn't seen out the backer's survey yet unless I completely missed it. Relic Knights isn't going to hit for several more months from what I understand. A Gallery of Rogues is due soon.

And we have two new entries. The Cthulhu Mythos Foundry Style and Drake the Dragon Wargame.

 A few other things have made their way over though including Wicked Fantasy by John Wick and the second wave of the Mantic figures. Good deals in both instances. Midgard Tales showed up. Nice physical construction on that book.

Project Name Due Date Date Late Days Late Months
Tectonic Craft Studios 6/1/2012 8/2/2013 -427 -14
Dwimmermount 8/1/2012 8/2/2013 -366 -12
Steampunk Musha 10/1/2012 8/2/2013 -305 -10
28mm Demons & Devils 3/1/2013 8/2/2013 -154 -5
Imbrian Arts Miniatures 3/1/2013 8/2/2013 -154 -5
Assimilation Alien Host 5/1/2013 8/2/2013 -93 -3
Relic Knights 5/1/2013 8/2/2013 -93 -3
A Gallery of Rogues 6/1/2013 8/2/2013 -62 -2
Cthulhu Mythos Foundry Style 7/1/2013 8/2/2013 -32 -1
Drake The Dragon Wargame 7/1/2013 8/2/2013 -32 -1