Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Kickstarter Notes

Well, it's August and I can tick down the Kickstarters again or go with what my gut is telling me.

RPGs and Kickstarters are not a good combination. When the game companies themselves can't make their release dates for various reasons, for Joe and Jack Smoo to boldly seize the Kickstarter model and put a date on that there has NOTHING to do with reality, well, it's time for me to realize that as much as I'd love to support the hobby directly and as much as I admire some of the people involved with the games coming out and as much as I'll miss some really cool stuff, it's just not my thing on the RPG side.

I can tick off three that are months late and the people running it have already said, "Uh yeah, it's going to be done when it's done." So business as usual. Why would an individual running stuff have a better track record then a company that usually missed it's deadlines? Or any gaming company that missed them? Ah well. Hopefully the whole thing doesn't turn into another 'Razor Coast' fiasco because some of these individuals are decent people and I'd hate to see them ruin their online reputations. If people start asking for refunds, that will be the real test.

So I'm pretty much done with RPG kickstarters. A little annoying really and maybe when the RPGs I've backed finally do come through maybe I'll be like, "Oh wow, that was so awesome having to wait months and months and months for it that I'll support your project in the future."

But probably not.

But for whatever reason, I'm still doing the miniatures: Picture a Games Workshop Vampires Count Army. Now picture it with Games Workshop Orcs but still for Vampire Counts. Some pretty cool stuff coming out here. Pirate goblins? Pretty good prices? Yeah, down with that. People want to see Reaper Miniatures come out with more Bones, their inexpensive plastic variants of their miniatures. This Kickstarter is going to be friggin' huge. Tre Manor is a Reaper sculptor who has his own line of goods. He's switching over to a new material.

Historical note here: I thought that as soon as Games Workshop went to 'Finecast' that it was over for metal. I posted on about it. The price is too much in flux and almost always going on way. Looks like I'm pretty much right on the money. It'll be interesting to see what happens as this trend can only continue.