Friday, May 25, 2012

The Art of Gerald Mendez

When looking at sources outside the European feel, one of the things that some people may feel are a trap in art, is the popular subjects. For example, there are many Mexican resteraunts that features artwork with Mayans and Aztecs on them. I've linked to a few of them on my Facebook page because they are great pieces, some of them actually having a Frank Fazzeta look to them.

This may mean though, that traditional fantasy is missing artist who have different heritage. To that I ponder why that matters though. If there are artists of various nationalities doing their things and making a living at it, why do they need to draw elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings? Why can't they enjoy their medium?

When looking at someone like Gerald Medez , you may find yourself thinking that he's already an artist doing work for Wizards of the Coast or other players. Some of his work would look right at home in the Player's Handbook or other resources.

But... and this gets back to my comments about keeping the recent Kickstarter for the Prismatic Art collection.... just because Gerald Mendez has a Hispanic background, does not make him an artist that doesn't practice cheesecake style art.

Which circles around to my opinion that having one art collection of non-sexualized women done by women is a great project and having another project of various art, not necessarily of Mexican Elves and African Dwarves, but art created by people of various ethnicity, is another project. Combining the two doesn't have to be an 'issue' but keeping the mission purpose, the focus, and the value of each type of art can be made more useful to those different applications.

Anyway, Gerald does some great illustration and if you're looking for some great pictures of various fantasy and modern and some interesting mash ups, you should check his web site out. Popeye says so!