Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Clone Wars: The Box season 4.17

If you've never watched the animated series The Clone Wars, a Star Wars series, then sometimes, if you're a fan of 'gonzo' Dungeons and Dragons, you're missing out. The latest free episode to watch is The Box.

I'll be doing some spoilers below so if you're not watching the show, there will be spoilers for that episode so read no further if you want no spoilers for this particular episode.

In this episode, our lone jedi Obie is in disguise as a bounty hunter. The Star Wars setting has a special place in its heart for bounty hunters. This hails back to the 2nd movie, The Empire Strikes Back and a classic line, "No disintegrations." where Darth Vader is speaking to a list of bounty hunters who, outside of one particular hunter, don't really do much.

Here though, these hunters, are assumed to be the best of the best of the worst of the bounty hunters for a very special mission but they have to earn this mission. To do so, they must overcome 'The Box' If you've ever seen the movie 'The Cube' or any of its sequels, you'll know what follows next. The hunters go into this death trap to prove their strength and are then treated to such threats as poison gas, fire, and walls that jut back and forth with what appear to be light sabers at the end of them. It's good fun stuff and should provide some quick visuals for those who like their dungeon crawls.

The other drama of the setting continues to build. The individuals like Bane, the bounty hunter, and Doku, the semi-leader of the Separatists force, continue to interact while another jedi looks to learn what happened to his mentor. These little slices of the setting are useful in connecting episodes from one to the next.

The Clone Wars is an excellent back drop for heroism, villainy and all the shades between.