Friday, August 12, 2011

100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds

One of the books I picked up for my demoing was 100 Fantasy adventure Seeds by James 'Grim' Desborough. I love the cover which features an undead warrior standing over an injured warrior while it appears that a wizard prepares to blast him as a female with a mace, I'm assuming a cleric, watches over the fallen fighter. The cover is done by Andrew Hepworth. It's eye catching.

I don't mention too many RPG based books on my blog here because when I do review such materials, its often on a dedicated channel, and that remains true here as well. I just wanted to talk a little about how the sum of what I've read tends to interact with what I'm reading.

Anyway, adventure seed seven is 'Plague of Permutations'. the idea is that the inhabitants of the river town Oakreach, are suffering mutations and the mutations are effecting everyone. The source is alchemical waste. It's a solid idea in and of itself that could present the players with all sorts of strange mutated monsters to fight.

But there are certain settings where such a twist of a possible innocent action, can take on a more sinister nature. For example, in the Warhammer setting, the mutation effects could be caused by warpstone. Imagine a lone alchemist doing his standard deeds who happens to come under the watchful eye of the Skaven who make him perform various rituals using the Warpstone? A situation that people who've read C. L. Werner's Witch Hunter series will find familiar.

But what if instead of Skaven, the alchemist is indeed a villain and is using the warpstone to spread chaos for his patron demon deity, Nurgle?

It's not that the book doesn't have a few twists of its own and doesn't offer some follow up adventure potential, it does, but when you can look at the material and adapt it.

The greater pool of material you have access to, the great the possible mash ups you can see in sample adventure seeds and the easier time you'll have flushing them to match your home campaign.