Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mongolian Death Worm

Lately, I've been more into miniatures than I have role playing. Not in terms of what I'd rather be doing mind you, but in terms of what I'm actually doing. The guys I game with have like ten people there and that's too many for me and the GM is very easy in terms of setting a table limit. While I don't hold that against him, ten people is too many players to have to compete with the GM's attention for and way too many people to make combat resemble anything like quick. And that isn't a knock at 4th edition.

When I used to play 2nd edition, one of the guys I played with, Dan Maxwel, put up a sign at Gamer's Paradise in the Century Mall that called for an adventure few could handle. He had a massive set up of drow, mind flayers and the actual dungeon itself build up. I played a few times but it took hours to get through a single round of combat due to the sheer number of enemies and players that were in it. A fun time but it resembled more of a board game than RPG.

So anyway, I'm at Games Plus and they're doing a buy three get one free thing on their discounted miniatures. I picked up some Mongolian Death Worms, two of them, and some other stuff. Even better because they were in the discount bin they were like $7.50 each as opposed to the new price of $14.00 Shakes hand at the invisible hand of inflation. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of metal here but man, $4.00 increase from the time Games Plus got them till now?

Anyway, I figure that I can knock the Mongolian Death Worms out pretty quick as hey, how hard can it be to paint a worm right? The worms are fairly large, easily seven to ten feet in length in the old 28mm heroic scale. The assembly wasn't bad but I was lazy and should have pinned instead of just applying green stuff and a ton of super glue at the join part.

They sprayed up well enough and I'm almost finished painting them.

But the funny thing was, for some reason, I wondered where they came up with the whole idea of Mongolian Death Worm. And hey, Wiki is your friend again on the Mongolian Death Worm subject. An animal that supposedly lives in the gobi desert that can spit acid and discharge electricity and has massive teeth to devour its prey with? Yup, snapped right up into the myths of D&D for me. And if you want some variants there, do an image search. Some great variants and images there.

Long live the unseen and unverified Mongolian Death Worm!