Friday, June 10, 2011


Watching Gun X Sword, a space opera style anime. Some interesting character designs, and while at times a little too 'cute' in its telling, has some solid action sequences and various characters ranging from heroes and anti-heroes to retired heroes coming out for that one last glorious battle.

Below I'll mention a specific line that's a hell of a spoiler for the series so beware if you'd rather not have it spoiled.

Ray, the 'anti-heroes' says to the villain, "Your dream of your life." The Claw as he's known, has been speaking about his dream through most of the later half of the series. The sacrifices and decesions that have been made in order to further acheive this vital dream. At the point of that dream becoming a reality, Ray, despite being heavily wounded, has him dead to rights apparently but the Claw isn't listening when Ray fires off a shot.

You see, the Claw bats the projectile away from himself but in so doing, destroys the machine that was supposed to make his dream a reality. The bullet had to go somewhere see. It wasn't destroyed, merely deflected by his saving of his own life. Had he allowed the bullet to kill him, the dream could have gone on. Having went for survival though, the villain loses.

This is something that I try to bring into the game when possible. Try to have what I've heard other's call 'an out'. Something that doesn't necessarily mean the death of each and every opponent, but does provide victory for the players.

Gun X Sword provides some slick character designs and a lot of one liners as well as some strange character behavior and the light heartedness of earlier episodes gets far heavier into the later part of the series. If you're looking for some ideas on giving characters motivations and alliances and family and how those things all tie into each other, Gun X Sword has it in spades.