Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Heroes: Bremer Dan Gorst

I'll be talking about Joe Abercrombie's new book, The Heroes below so if you would wish to avoid spoilers, read no further.

On the insdie flap, we're introduced to several view point characters. Bremer Dan Gorst, disgraced master swordsman, has sworn to reclaim his stolen honor on the battlefield. Obsessed with redemption and addicted to violence, he's far past caring how much blood gets spilled in the attempt. Even if it's his own.

Wow. If several bits of that don't described most dungeon delving warriors eh?

The thing about Joe's writing though, is much like the writers of Futurama, he likes to occassionally stick the knife in and twist. In this instance, Gorst is out there in the field as only an observer. His hunger to reclaim his faded glory though, keeps him going into the front lines and getting into the deep ends of combat regardless of the ods.

As the book goes on though, towards the end, he receives a letter from the King. It's a letter telling him that he needs to return home immediately. It's dated before the conflict has started. It puts all of his mental doubts and death seeking look foolish in contrast to what was actually happening around him.

As a GM, you'll have information that the players will not have. Occassionally, you might be able to have an Abercrombie moment. A time when you can allow the players to go forward with some plans they have when you already know that there are better, easier, and more sure proof ways of taking care of the issues that plague them. When the players are headstrong and willing to charge forth into that mouth of death without exploring all of their options, enjoy your moment.