Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swords From The East by Harold Lamb

One of the nice things about Bison Books publishing efforts with the works of Harold Lamb is that they've brought back a lot of material that hasn't seen print for years. This volume in particular, Swords From The East, has a nice focus that escapes most of the standards of 'European' style historical adventure stories.

One of the things I enjoy is some of the characters that get historical footnotes.  Take this one in particular from page 427.

The Rajputs were the most warlike of the races of India. They were chivalrous warriors, and experienced, if impeuous soldiers. Rana Sanga was old in years and wisdom, with fifty sword and lance scars on his body, blind in one eye, with am arm cut off and one leg crippled. Seven Rajas and a hundred chieftains, eighty thousand horse, and five hundred elephants were at his back. He was in all things a foeman to delight Babar.

Now that's a foeman with some character there. If you can make the enemies of the players as interest as those history is litered with, you're on the right path.