Friday, June 4, 2010

Changing Nature of Characters

I just finished off the duo books making up the Kingmaker and Kingbreaker by Karren Miller. Skillfully written as they were, I didn't find a lot of inspiration.

The setting is small and there are only a handful of characters. It has its own take of magic and uses a lot of character development to move the story along. Like many fantasy stories of a certain genre, it uses the Farmboy saves the World plot.

So why am I mentioning it?

Asher, the main character of the series, has a bit of a rival for Prince Gar's patronage. This character, Darren, is at first, highly against Asher. He finds Asher a proud fool who knows nothing and takes no time in making his feelings known to all.

However, over the period of the two books, while the two don't necessarily become friends, they do become allies. They move from being hostile to at least being tolerable to one another as well as understanding one another.

A change of character, brought on logically and through game play, can make a nice chance of pace. It shows the characters that their actions do have an effect on the game. It shows the players that by role playing and taking part of the role playing aspects of it, or by good deeds and alliances, the players may effect change.