Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So its turkey day here in Chicago. Well, in America I suppose would be better said.

When thinking about it, the holiday is quite ritualized no?

A series of thanks given based on some old events.

A feast of a specific animal and veggies.

A post holiday series of shopping events.

In a fantasy campaign setting, things like that can be pretty standard.

Things that also should be looked at, are magical events. Every year, something happens at a specific time with specific results.

More unique opportunities though, are when you can have a creation of a holiday while the players are playing. Perhaps the death of a dragon? Perhaps the destruction of an orc horde? Every year after that, orc paper mache entities are crafted, destroyed, and set alfame to rerpesent the destruction of the orc horde.

Every year the city imports spieces and herbs to flavor meat and give it a certain taste, almost a dragonic taste...

There are enough ideas in a fantasy setting that it should be fairly easy to make something not only a holiday, but to make the players part of it.