Monday, October 5, 2009

A group effort

In 4th edtion, characters can't do it all by themselves. They have a buikt in need for each other. Is that realalistic or organic... lets look at a piece of fiction that han nothing to do with dungeons and dragons or old stle dark age fantasy. In the Protectors War, S. M. Stirling's second book of the Change, on page 62, it notes, "rangers or no they cant come back across the valley alone."

This is a reference to two characters whose skills are tried and tested and are at some of the highest levels of competenece.

And they still cannot go alone.

Travel is dangerous. Now mind you, if you don't encounter anything, if you're on well paved roads with numerous patrols and guards, then sure, everything is fine.

But 4e defaults to a points of light setting where travelling is not encouraged, or at least not encouraged to go by yourself.

This is all the more reason why characters should be joining into mercenary units or adventuring parties. It's not a full organic bit as there is still not a lot of trust inherent in joining others you may not know, or may not know well, but the motivation to travel and journey not by yourself, should be strong in such a setting.